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Helical Footings: Image

Pier Precision is a specialized branch of Foremost Construction that deals specifically with footing replacement and installations

Helical Footings: About

Helical Pier Installation

Helical Piers are a top of the line option for all of your footing needs. Our piers our installed to exceed code requirements in both footing depth and load capacity. We've invested in top of the line equipment to ensure the installation process goes as planned. 

We use weight displacement material to ensure our equipment has as little impact on your yard as possible. Our goal is to leave the site in the same shape as it was before we got there. 


Why Helicals?

Traditional footings were a cost effective way to provide a strong support for structures, but certain soil types left them vulnerable to frost heave.

There is no more need to remove the dirt from the ground or waiting for inspections. We provide torque reports for all inspections and are actively charting the pressures during the installation process. 

Helical Footings: Services

Do you have a deck that suffers from footing Heave?

We know the Minnesota winters can have catastrophic effects on anything in the ground. We can help bring you deck back to level by replacing those old and failed footings with a helical footing. 

We will take care of everything from the old footing removal to replacing the existing posts. We provide full service work for each of our jobs. 

Helical Footings: Welcome
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